5×5 bathroom layout

5x5 Bathroom Layout

A bathroom layout between 20 and 30 square feet is most likely the smallest bathroom layout you will find. More often than not, homeowners will use it as a half bathroom that only contains a toilet and sink. But, think of it this way. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your half bath into a full bath without carving out space from your existing floor plan? Plus, it doesn’t need much plumbing work.
5x5 bathroom layout 1

5x5 Bathroom Layout

Don’t fret just yet. Before you throw a bunch of money in bathroom expansion, try to re-examine the layout of your existing bathroom. A well-planned layout will help solve the above issues, but beware, you’ll have to make a few compromises, such as tearing out your tub.
5x5 bathroom layout 2

5x5 Bathroom Layout

Having a separate tub and shower in a small bathroom sounds like an impossible dream. However, like I mentioned before, with a well-planed layout, nothing is impossible. Of course, to fit both fixtures into your bathroom and leave enough space to get in/out of your tub and shower, the ideal size of your bathroom should be no less than 45 square feet. As you can see from this 5’ x 9’ bathroom plan, there is little room left for dressing and undressing, even if you already use a space-saving corner shower.
5x5 bathroom layout 3

5x5 Bathroom Layout

These small bathroom designs can be partitioned off a room or a large closet can be utilized. An unused closet or hall end, can often be converted into the extra bathroom you would like so much to have. Today, more than ever before, bathroom vanities, fixtures and shower enclosures are available in an attractive assortment of colors, materials, and styles. Although the average bathroom is typically small, most big box store bathroom fixtures inventory are large in size and almost always featured in white. But with some research, you will discover that the sizes and shapes of plumbing fixtures have expanded to include specialty sizes for a small bathroom remodel, allowing for space and convenience.
5x5 bathroom layout 4

5x5 Bathroom Layout

With a simple layout change, you can make your small bathroom feel more comfortable. Additionally, don’t forget to check out these fabulous small bathroom designs collected by my coworker, Jacob Hurwith. You’ll learn some secret design tips on making the most of your small bathroom without spending too much.
5x5 bathroom layout 5

5x5 Bathroom Layout

Such a floor plan can be installed with an adjoining bedroom. With a cheerful color scheme, well selected wall and floor materials, the small extra bathroom can be as distinctive as it is convenient. Bath fixtures fit into less space in bathroom floor plans than most people think. Into 25 square feet, you can squeeze a complete – if cramped – shower bathroom which would keep the cost to add an extra bathroom low. About the only concession you may need to make with these tight fits is to hang the door so it opens outward – into the hall or adjoining room. Find seven spaces in your home to add an extra bathroom.
5x5 bathroom layout 6

5x5 Bathroom Layout

If you want to take your bathroom design to the next level then you definitely need to consider getting your hands on free bathroom design software. While there are plenty of options available on the market, they can be quite expensive and if you are only designing a small bathroom project, you might not be able to justify the cost. However there are several 3D bathroom design software download options available on the internet which may be more than enough if you are only a DIY remodeler. Although the average purchased 3D design software will have an advanced graphical interface and will look a lot better, many of the features are not necessary to create your dream bathroom. If you have tried out a piece of free software and decided that it isn’t enough, then you should see if a more expensive software program has a free trial before buying it.
5x5 bathroom layout 7

5x5 Bathroom Layout

Another common size you can find in small bathrooms is 6’ x 6’. Although this square floor plan meets the minimum requirement of a full bathroom, I’d recommend using it as a third-quarter bathroom. Here are a few reasons. A bathtub will take up too much space in your tiny bathroom, not to mention its bulky look will make your bathroom feel even more cramped. On the contrary, a third-quarter bathroom only comes with a sink, toilet and shower, helping declutter your tiny space.
5x5 bathroom layout 8

This bathroom plan isn't much more than a toilet and a sink. For downstairs guests, you'll probably want to install a powder room, guest bathroom, half bath–all different names for the same thing. Features of this bathroom plan: 4 1/2 feet by 4 feet (18 square feet).Guest bathroom for hand-washing and toilet duties only.Pedestal sink makes the best use of limited space.Be careful of the door swing. You don't want the door to swing into the sink and/or toilet.
5x5 bathroom layout 9

Sometimes, not all bathroom space is perfectly square or rectangular. An HVAC/furnace area, coat closet, or even structural beams may invade part of the bathroom space. This 64 square foot bathroom makes allowance for these “space invaders.” Features of this bathroom plan: Off-set sink.Generous room for the tub.Allows for HVAC, coat closet, or other exterior space.
5x5 bathroom layout 10

A full bathroom usually requires a minimum of 36 to 40 square feet. A 5’ x 8’ is the most common dimensions of a guest bathroom or a master bathroom in a small house. If you happen to have this standard-sized small bathroom, there are two different layouts you can consider. Based on your bathing habits, you can either go with a modest tub-shower combo or opt for a fancy shower with multiple shower heads. No matter what you choose, you should be able to towel off comfortably without hitting your door or toilet.
5x5 bathroom layout 11

Sometimes, not all bathroom space is perfectly square or rectangular. An HVAC/furnace area, coat closet, or even structural beams may invade part of the bathroom space. This 64 square foot bathroom makes allowance for these “space invaders.”
5x5 bathroom layout 12

Taking a bath should be one of the easiest ways to relax after a long day. You can either unwind in your hot tub or let a rainfall shower wash away your stress. Yet, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a lavish bathroom that can fit luxury fixtures. Chances are, you live with a small bathroom, where you always bump into the door or vanity when you undress or step into the shower. What’s worse, your bathroom can’t accommodate more than one adult. Hence, you’ll agree that having a bath is indeed a daily struggle, causing more stress.
5x5 bathroom layout 13

If you're fortunate enough to have a bump-out area, this layout is for you. Insert your whirlpool or another oversized bathtub in the window area, tile up to the windows, and enjoy the light and view. Generous space for the tub. This is a “bathtub room.”Downside: towel bars located away from the tub. One suggestion is to switch the toilet paper holder with one of the towel bars.Locate sink on 35″ vanity. Or install 48” vanity and run counter from wall to wall.
5x5 bathroom layout 14

Below, I picked several ideal layouts that can work with five of the most common small bathrooms. By simply rearranging the layout, you can make a BIG difference and keep the same footprint.
5x5 bathroom layout 15

Give yourself a little extra room beyond the previous bathroom plan, and what do you get? You get a lot more options. Here, the bathroom designer decided to go for a double-sink in a solid-surface counter; a large shower; generous floor-to-ceiling cabinet; and, best of all, a private little nook for the toilet.
5x5 bathroom layout 16

If you've got the budget, this is a great bathroom plan with a lot of flexibility. Now, you've got both a shower stall and a bathtub–for those busy mornings when two need to bathe at once, perhaps? The corner shower stall maximizes space. By “lopping off the corner” of the shower stall, it becomes possible to navigate in this back anteroom. Features of this bathroom plan:
5x5 bathroom layout 17

This bathroom plan isn't much more than a toilet and a sink. For downstairs guests, you'll probably want to install a powder room, guest bathroom, half bath–all different names for the same thing.
5x5 bathroom layout 18

Sometimes you just need some privacy in your bathroom.  In response, these plans feature a pocket door affording privacy for the toilet area. Did you know that a conventional swinging door can waste up to 9 square feet of room? By making allowance for the “swing,” you waste up to 3 ft. x 3 ft. of a room. Adding a pocket door takes back that room. Features of this bathroom plan: Double sink.Generous room for the toilet area.Pocket door adds room.
5x5 bathroom layout 19

Most homeowners have a difficult time arranging essential fixtures in a small, narrow bathroom. It seems most standard-sized fixtures, such as the toilet or sink, will stick out too much and interrupt traffic flow. Despite the dimensions of your long and thin bathroom, here are some universal tips to follow:
5x5 bathroom layout 20

These are some really great tips for anyone looking into remodeling or rejuvenating their bathroom. I have had the hardest time finding good storage options for my small downstairs bathroom, but that standing shelf unit actually looks really nice, I may have to try to find one like it. Thanks so much for writing, I’ll be referring back to this as I move along with my design.