sewer smell in bathroom

What to Do if Sewer Gas Invades Your HomeIf you smell a noxious sewer-like odor inside your home, chances are it is sewer gas escaping from the drainage system. Not only does it smell gross, but the methane and bacteria it contains can be dangerous to your health, causing headaches or even more serious ailments. […]

oak bathroom vanity

Oak Bathroom Vanities are the staple of any bathroom cabinetry. Our Oak Vanities boast doors and face frames of solid Oak with a traditional finish that allow the grain of the wood to show through. The versatility of our Oak Vanity Collection allows them to be used in any bathroom – from traditional, to spa […]

girls in bathroom

Mitchell Morreale (Lyndhurst PD) LYNDHURST – The former fire captain and youth football coach accused of videotaping teen girls as they used his bathroom pleaded guilty Thursday to fourth-degree invasion of privacy, according to Mitchell Morreale, 45, will likely be sentenced to probation instead of the three-to-five-year prison term he faced if convicted of […]

white bathroom light fixtures

Vanity Lighting Sconces Pendant Lights Flushmount Lights Chandeliers Semi-Flushmount Lights Recessed Lighting BATHED IN LIGHT Highly complementary lighting and fixtures for your bathroom Vanity Lighting Perfect for your daily beauty regimen with just the right amount of radiance. Wall Sconces Ideal lighting for personal grooming and subtle ambiance. Chandeliers Make a splash with elegant bath […]

cost to remodel bathroom

Small bathrooms are often less expensive to remodel than larger bathrooms because they have less square footage. This means fewer materials involved to make them look brand new, and their cost will be on the low range of the chart above since you need less of them or their smaller sizes to fit in the […]

escape the bathroom unblocked

KEY TOPICS About Unblocked Games 500: Unblocked Games 500 is an online gaming website that allows people to play flash games that would ordinarily be blocked by office or school filter systems. You can play unblocked games 77 online as well as through the applications. When a people is totally disturbed or highly depressed, one […]

modern bathroom ideas

What is a modern bathroom? A modern bathroom is sophisticated place for you to relax and unwind. A quite sanctuary, modern bathrooms are equipped with sleek, high-tech sinks, showers and toilets. Modern bathrooms are highly functional and utilize every nook and cranny without looking cluttered. Our modern design style guide can get you started with […]

bathroom makeup vanity Bathrooms Bathroom Vanities Bathroom Makeup Vanity Ideas Browse this collection of bathroom vanities to find beautiful, practical ideas for incorporating a makeup vanity or dressing table into your bath design. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Prev View all Next × Prev View all Next Prev View all Next Popular In Bathroom […]

farmhouse bathroom vanity

By Foxden Decor in Bathroom Vanity Rustic Bathroom Vanities and Copper Sinks for Your Country Style Bathroom August 25th, 2016 Goin’ Country? If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom to give it a more natural and rustic feel, why not go country? If you’re looking for full-on American western, or just a hint of the […]

master bathroom designs

The master bathroom is usually the largest bathroom in the house and typically contains more high-end features than other bathrooms in the home. In previous years, master bathrooms were outfitted with jetted tubs, but in recent years, rain showers or showers with multiple showerheads are more of an appeal. Plan out the bathroom to flow […]